5 Breaking Bad "blue meth" cupcakes plus recipes, including the ones from Scotland that are causing a scandal

Pop culture cupcakes are nothing new; in fact, they're a staple of pretty much any popular movie or TV show, from Twilight to Glee. But some Breaking Bad cupcakes are causing a stir. From Fox News:
A Scottish bakery is being accused of glamorizing drug use after it baked up some batches of cupcakes topped with edible blue crystals made to resemble the drug Methamphetamine

According to the Evening Standard, the Riverhill Coffee Bar in Glasgow, has made three batches of "Breaking Bad" cupcakes --inspired by the hit AMC show -- which features character Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who takes to cooking Meth to pay for his treatment for terminal cancer.
What do those cupcakes look like? Via Riverhill Coffee Bar's Facebook page:


And here are some other Breaking Bad cupcakes. What do you think of this cupcake controversy?

Breaking Bad Walter White cupcakes by Not Your Momma's Cookie, which has their recipe

blue meth cupcakes by Unger Hunger, which has the recipe for the cupcakes candy glass

by Confectioneiress Cupcakes and Sweets in Zionsiville, Indiana, via their Facebook page

From Kailley's Kitchen, which has the recipe: "These cupcakes are a twist on Funfetti: a from-scratch vanilla cupcake recipe with pale crystal sprinkles stirred in, classic American buttercream, and –obviously– rocky candy 'blue meth.'"


Deborah said…
Come on people get over yourselves! These cupcakes will no more make you a tweaker than Dexter will turn you into a serial killer. I'm sure this was tongue in cheek so lets have a good laugh and move on.