Baking With My iPad Just Got Easier

#belkin stand
How do you bake? Sometimes I use cookbooks but I also look at several recipes online. Instead of printing them out, I use my iPad. However, my iPad can get caked with flour and sugar especially when I am using the mixer. Luckily AT&T sent me a chef stand and stylus to try out. It is sturdy, small and the base has a rubber bottom so it won't get messy from any liquid. I like it so much that it has been included this on Cupcakes Take The Cake 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

The Belkin Chef Stand and stylus is available online at AT&T for only $40. Free shipping is available for online orders. AT& T is offering a $100 offer any tablet with a two year contract. This offer  includes iPads and Samsung Galaxy Note.
#belkin stand


Unknown said…
I bought the same one! I love it and use it every time I'm in the kitchen!