Cupcake Hack: Strawberry Shortcake Made Easy

Strawberry shortcake made easy. Slice a cupcake in half, place strawberries on bottom half. Flip top with frosting over and add more strawberries on top.

My dad bought strawberries a few days ago, and he mentioned that he almost bought the prepared strawberry glaze that is sold in the grocery store. I personally hate that stuff since it is tastes like artificial strawberries.  I found an easy recipe for strawberry glaze online and made a small amount for myself. It is just strawberries, sugar and vanilla extract, and I added a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Coincidentally, I baked cupcakes on Saturday. They are actually Magdalenas, a Spanish breakfast muffin. The cupcakes are a light lemony cupcake with a tea-infused buttercream frosting.  So with the homemade strawberry glaze and a cupcake, I made a strawberry shortcake just for me.

  • One cupcake
  • Strawberries
  • Extras (optional- see below) 

  • Make strawberry glaze (see recipe above)
  • Have cupcakes on hand
  • Place cupcake on its side
  • Slice a cupcake in half horizontally like a bagel. Be careful with the frosting
  • Scoop spoonful of strawberry glaze on bottom half.
  • Flip top half with frosting over and place on top of strawberry glaze
  • Add more strawberries on top
Extras:  Add chopped nuts, Nutella or chocolate syrup on top.


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