101 Best Cupcakes 2014 from The Daily Meal

The website The Daily Meal just came out with this year's ranking of the best cupcakes in America (last year's top 50 here).
"Using last year's list as [their] basis, [they] re-entered all 50 into a network of over 100 other cupcakeries vetted from every state’s best-of lists. [They] then ranked them according to five different categories, assigning them a value of one thru 20 (20 being the highest) and tabulating the highest ranking cupcakes."
I've eaten at many of these cupcakeries and I have to say, they did a pretty fair job of covering a good selection, though I might disagree with the various placement of a few of the nominees and there are definitely a couple left off the list.  See what YOU think!  Is your favorite cupcake place listed?!