What's Your Bakery Name?

When we held our cupcake business classes a few years ago, we talked about how to come with a unique name for your bakery. One of the things we warned against is overuse of the words in the fun graphic below.  Leave your bakery names in the comments! (Photos via kcbakes)


Mines is called 'Emily Cakeworths!" a play on my name
(Emily Hawksworth) I used my own cupcake as part of the logo.


Emily, Scotland.
The picture of the 'whats your bakery name' hadn't appeared when I commented! Hence why i sent you my actually bakery name!

Mines would be Jazzy Chocolate Patisserie!
Deborah Dowd said…
Sexy Chocolate Parlor? Sounds more like a place I'd like to go not a name!
Unknown said…
Amazeballs Cake Cafe