Latest Cupcake Innovation: SprayCake

We love to know what is new with cupcakes whether is new flavors, products or technology. Five years ago, Cupcakes Take The Cake was one of the first blogs to report on 3D printing via the Makerbot Cupcake CNC.

Now, two Harvard students have created the Spray Cake which is cake batter in a aerosol can. I read about them on PSFK. John McCallum and Brook Nowakowski have created an easy way to dispense cake and cupcake batter. The Spray Cake also cuts down the baking time.
The accelerant in the can releases air bubbles inside the batter, eliminating the need for baking soda and baking powder so the confection is ready to eat almost instantly. It takes 30 seconds to bake a cupcake in the microwave, and only one minute to bake a full cake.- (via Time)