Cupcake Pop Culture Moment: SNL's Lazy Sunday

A lot of journalists have assumed that the apex of the cupcake trend in pop culture was the scene of Carrie Bradshaw having a cupcake outside Magnolia Bakery in Sex in the City. I beg to differ. In 2005, when many friends emailed me on a Sunday about the Saturday Night Live skit that aired the night before is when the cupcake moment in pop culture had happened. It also coincided with the start of the Digital Shorts boom for the The Lonely Island guys at SNL and the rise of You Tube.  Getting cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery has been a thing ever since. Adam and Chris predicted the popularity of Google Maps which has all but ended MapQuest's use. However, they were wrong about baker's dozen. A true baker's dozen is actually thirteen cupcakes. We posted the video back in 2005. Nine years later, Andy Samberg has a new show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine,  and a Golden Globe. Chris Parnell is on Suburgatory and has the sexiest voice on television.  It's been nine years, and I have yet to see the "Chronicles of Narnia", but I do love Red Vines.