Deep Fried Cupcakes at the KC Renaissance Festival

Last weekend, I went to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in Bonner Springs, KS and found a new cupcake item I have to tell you about.  In past years, I've sampled and blogged about their annual cupcake contest (coming up again this weekend) and their "gourmet" cupcakes.  Today I am here to tell you to SKIP those so-so cupcakes and look in your program instead for the one location that offers deep friend items, specifically, DEEP FRIED CUPCAKES!! They are amazing!  It's a chocolate cupcake with cream filling and vanilla icing, battered, deep fried and covered in powdered sugar.  It's melt-in-your-mouth perfection not to be missed!
unassuming exterior

mind blowing interior


Jillyn said…
That looks phenomenal.