Help A Reader Out: Where To Buy Ceramic Cupcakes

One of our readers left a message on our Facebook page asking about where to find ceramic cupcakes.
Cupcake Money Boxes
Hello. I'm looking for ceramic cupcakes (medium and large) everywhere. I've been to hobby stores, ebay, craigslist, and I've googled it...and I'm unable to find a single one. Etsy has many photos but no information as to where to find them. Could you help please? I'd really appreciate some names of stores that do have them. Kindly, thank you
Let's crowdsource the answer to this question. Please recommend websites or stores where a cupcake lover can get a lot of ceramic cupcakes in the comments below.


Jillyn said…
I remember Dollar Tree had them once, but I have no idea if it's regular inventory or not.

Otherwise, ordering from etsy would have been the best advice I'd have.

Good luck finding them!