Batter Up: Bake Chocolate And Local Beer Cupcakes For The World Series

Native Kansas Citians and friends of the blog Emily and her husband Kyle baked chocolate cupcakes made with beer to celebrate the World Series. It's a simple chocolate recipe with a twist. These cupcakes may be the only cupcakes that your significant other may actually want to help you bake, so take note.

For Kansas City Royals fans, you may want to use a local brew from Boulevard Brewing Company. They have an Oatmeal Stout which has a "roasty/chocolate/coffee flavors with a slightly sweet finish". By the way, did you know that Paul Rudd is from Kansas City? He's a super fan of the Royals. For the San Francisco Giants, then you may want get Anchor Steam.  If not in either city, then you can use Guinness or local favorite stout of your choosing.
BTW, Emily and Kyle's recipe calls for Christopher Elbow's Drinking Chocolate instead of cocoa powder.
Go over to Made Man for the recipe, and play ball.