You Can DIY This: Hot Dog Cupcakes

Hot dog cupcakes.
Over the years I have seen many hamburger cupcakes, but these hot dog cupcakes take the cake. Opening day for Major League Baseball is next week, so these hot dog cupcakes would be great for baseball fans. Mina details how she did it below:
Buns - I used the oval "Twinkie" pan by Wilton. I secured string lengthways across the middle so the rising cupcakes would have a seam down the top with two rounded edges. 
Dogs - I used cake batter in a Cookie pan by Wilton. Then I skewered the cake-dogs and dipped them in Candy Melts (a mixture of red and chocolate). They are only smooth on top. 
Cheese - I mixed yellow and orange Candy melts together, hardened in the fridge, grated. 
Ketchup & Mustard - Wilton frosting straight from a tube with a round tip. 
Mayonnaise - White frosting piped into the bun to secure the dog. 
Relish - Green Sparkle gel in a tube, with little glittery flakes sprinkled on top. Found everything at JoAnn's Fabric & Craft store.