You Tube Show Launches: "How To Cake It" With Yolanda Gampp


 Yolanda Gampp welcomes guest Caspar Haydar present an Easter sweet table on this week’s episode of the new YouTube show, “How To Cake It”.  Mini chocolate cakes with buttercream and real flowers grace a table with sugar cookies and an egg-shaped cake as the centre piece. Toronto cake artist Yolanda Gampp and designer Caspar Haydar teamed up for the first time since they were on the Food Network show “SugarStars” on Gampp’s new YouTube show, “How To Cake It” to show viewers how to make an Easter sweet table. Sweet tables are all the rage nowadays, from brilliantly extravagant cake, candy and cookie creations, to simple edible designs. Sweet tables add a beautiful touch to any occasion, and Easter is no exception. Gampp and Haydar created a floral, sweet, pastel and delicious Easter sweet table on this week’s episode of the hit show, “How To Cake It.”

“How To Cake It” launched in early February and has exploded on social media, showing no sign of slowing down. With 1,500 channel subscribers and over 14,000 views, Gampp’s loyal fans eagerly await her new episode every week. Social media has been an integral part of getting the word out, Gampp’s Facebook page has over 15,000 fans who love to see pictures of her creations. “Having Caspar on the show just felt natural. We knew we wanted to have him on the show eventually. Easter makes you think of spring and spring makes you think of flowers so it was a natural fit.” said Yolanda. Caspar Haydar is the owner of Caspar Haydar Design and is a leading floral designer and event planner in Toronto. He has an impeccable eye when it comes to curating space. Haydar and Gampp have partnered several times before for client events. New episodes of “How To Cake It” air every Tuesday at 11 a.m. Each episode showcases a new cake ranging from the craziest creations to tamer, more accessible recipes for the average baker.