KC Royals BATS Crown Club Cupcake Review

Yesterday, my husband and I treated ourselves to the best seats in the house to watch our Royals play for our anniversary.  These seats include upscale all you can eat food and drink and there was a dessert buffet that included cupcakes, so of course I had to review them for you all.

They were well executed, if not gourmet style and for the price (FREE or not really, because it's just included in your original ticket price), you can't argue with their size and variety - just vanilla, chocolate and red velvet.  However, we tried two and they were moist and delicious!  The cakes had a homemade consistency and good flavor, but the frostings really stood out.  They were not light and fluffy, but creamy and rich and the cream cheese balance was just right on the red velvet cake and the vanilla cake icing sported (see what I did there?) actual vanilla bean flecks.  The little chocolate straws and mini white chocolate chips on top may not require a lot of decorating skills, but the aesthetic and taste were a perfect addition.

So, yes, if you ever find yourself at the BATS Crown Club, do try the cupcakes, but really, why wouldn't you try one of everything in that situation (like I tried and almost succeeded in doing)?  And if you need another reason to buy these seats, here is our view inside and out: