Dough Providing Frontline Sweets

I love Dough doughnuts! When I lived in Brooklyn, I would go there often to treat myself. Dough is supporting frontline workers in New York with delicious desserts.

Today I got a press release for what they are doing.

Dough Doughnuts has also used their Frontline Sweet Support to recently create Doughnut & Coffee Breaks, partnering with Kids for Kids NYCNY Loves CoffeeNoshes for NursesJill ZarinAlly Shapiro, and Owyn to bring doughnut and coffee breaks to some of the hardest hit hospitals. With the joint efforts were able to bring hundreds of items to hundreds of doctors and nurses for a quick coffee and sweets break during hard days.
“Food may be for the body, but desserts feed your soul.” By fueling the frontline, Frontline Sweet Support has created a way for people to spread compassion and kindness and say thank you when you physically cannot. Starting with the staff at Lenox Hill hospital, they created a way to make a huge impact by mobilizing their efforts to deliver NYC’s favorite sweets to the workers of the tri state area. They are thrilled to be sending hugs, good vibes and smiles through their services.