I Love Cupcakes And It Shows!

I'm sure only the truly, truly obsessive will read this blog, but anyway, tempted by Standard-Deviance's anti-passion for them, I am starting a cupcake blog.

This first post is dedicated to a few of my favorite cupcake people and places:

The fabulously cupcake-talented Clare Crespo, who wrote Hey There, Cupcake!

I interviewed Clare all about cupcakes earlier this year.

More on Hey There, Cupcake! from the publisher, Melcher Media

Sugar Sweet Sunshine is my favorite NYC bakery for cupcakes. Plus, the owners are super nice, you can sit there and read magazines or go online or look at the cozy decorations. They also have cakes, banana pudding, cookies and hot beverages AND are having a contest and you can write things on the big wall holiday card or leave comments like "The brownies gave me a woody." Their cupcakes are TO DIE FOR. I recommend the vanilla/vanilla ones. Sometimes they have special ones, like chocolate frosting with peppermint. Yum yum yum!˛


alizinha said…
Oh no you didn't! Another blog? Well, at least I fully approve of this topic.

More and more, I think I should start a cupcake-making side business. (Or cupcakes and chocolate-chip cookies.) If/when I do, I'll have you publicize it for me.
yummicoco said…
I love cupcakes.