Cupcakes Come to Red Hook

When I think of Red Hook, I usually think of the amazing Sunny's bar and the abandoned sugar factory, old warehouses converted in to art galleries, and yummy Latin food stalls at soccer games.

But now, I'll also be thinking of CUPCAKES!

According to freelance food critic Andrea Strong,

Baked, Brooklyn’s answer to Magnolia, will open on February 5th. But this new bakeshop leaves the retro Mom’s kitchen vibe of Magnolia and its copycats behind. (Finally, some originality!) Designed by Hive Mind, a shop out of Brooklyn, this pine-walled bakery and cafĂ© has an earthy, log cabin feel with hints of orange and walnut. It is owned by Matt Lewis, former partner and founder of Chocolate Bar, Renato Poliafito, a creative director with a cult fascination with espresso, and Rafi Avramowitz, a fashion designer and features a full menu of home baked treats—-cupcakes, tarts (honey almond, gimme s’more), cakes (icebox, carrot, lemon drop, chocolate chubby), pies (apple quince, chocolate pecan), brownies (flourless, deep dark, peanut butter), and a selection of morning goodies—-muffins, scones, homemade granola. Their signature is the Red Hook Red Hot [pictured]—-a red velvet cake with Valrhona cocoa, and cinnamon buttercream topped with Red Hots.

Baked is located at 359 Van Brundt Street, 718-222-0345.

As soon as this place is open and the weather a bit warmer, I'm going to go try out Baked and report back.


PG said…
FYI--As per the recent story in Sunday's NY Times, Baked and Chocolate Bar are not the same owners.... As well, Mr. Lewis was not the founder but co-founder of Chocolate Bar.

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