the cutest monkey cupcakes ever!

Well, to be honest, these are also the only ones I've ever seen, but I stand by my statement. I love adorable-looking cupcakes and the little kids getting the frosting all over themselves once again sharpens my maternal instincts - when I have kids, we are going to be baking up a storm, I swear.

Thanks to Kelly, who sent the original monkey cupcake link

(tried to add the photo but it's not working, trust me and click for cuteness)

then followed up with more adorable cupcake monkeys from her friend


Christine from California said…
I just wanted to thank you for the adorable cupcake idea! I made these for my daughter's 2nd birthday party yesterday and they were a HUGE hit! Thanks!


Here's a pic (flickr link) of how mine turned out:
Anonymous said…
okay, I'm a little "blogger" challenged....I can't find the recipe for the Monkey cupcakes!
Are those nutter butter for ears????
can you forward me the recipe? I have to make them for my daughters bday!