Vice visits the cupcake blog (and we get a nod from the LA Times)

Well, maybe not vice per se, but with a headline promising "killer cupcakes" and a sexy food column, it's a little wilder than it usually is around here on our sweet, PG-rated cupcake blog.

From today's LA Times:

Attack of the killer cupcake

With squealing fans, ga-ga blogs and even a special tote, the pastry has L.A. in its grip.

I'm just going to go ahead and assume that WE, this here Cupcakes Take the Cake blog, are one of the "ga-ga" blogs - it says there are "blogs devoted to cupcakes" - are there others like us? Please cupcake brothers and sisters, write to us. We want to join you in the cupcake revolution!

And I wrote my latest Village Voice Lusty Lady column on "sexy foods," and mine is, of course, the beloved cupcake, and I quote Peggy Williams of sugar Sweet sunshine and my fellow cupcake blogger Allison too, on the secrets to a seductive meal. Check out the column right here. (There's also a sexy photo of me about to eat some cupcakes.)

Also, we're still doing our regular cupcake interviews, so if you want to be interviewed, email us at cupcakestakethecake at AND we're starting up a series of interviews with owners of bakeries that sell and/or specialize in cupcakes, so if that's you, email us too - we have special questions for you.


alizinha said…
Yes, I'm a little miffed that the L.A. Times didn't interview us, but at least we got a mention...
Sylvie said…
It is because of the L.A. Times article that I discovered your blog. I am also a food blogger and this article stimulated my appetite to see what this cupcake thing is about. A search led to your site. So even through they didn't list you, they did get you some attention.

I enjoyed reading your blogs and will defintely come back. Decorated cookies are my thing-passion. If I write something on cupcakes I'll mention you for sure.
susie said…
Has anyone ever tried Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes?

I'm from NY originally and just came to LA. After having Magnolia cupcakes, which are no doubt delicious, I tried Sweet Debbie's (they deliver anywhere in LA for FREE!) and I was stunned. These guys are not only healthy, but OUT OF THIS WORLD.

This is a great blog. Thanks for the forum.