Thursday, July 21, 2005

How long do cupcakes keep?

From a reader, respond in the comments please:

i'm helping out making cupcakes for a wedding and was wondering how long cupcakes last with icing? and is there a way of keeping them longer so we can make them in advanced?

because i imagine cupcakes only last max 4 days outside not in the fridge
because we have to decorate and then package them as well.
can you freeze the cupcake with icing with the packaging as well?

or is it okay to leave out for awhile?


Janice Marie said...

i'd freeze the cupcake without the icing, the icing is usually the most spoilworthy part of the cake (unless it's a butter heavy recipe) so avoid icing until the last minute. freezing is definatlyt he best option for keeping the cake part.

chockylit said...

i agree about keeping the cupcakes unfrosted if you are storing them for any period of time.

i think frosted, refrigerated cupcakes are great the day they are made, great the next day, but start to drop off after that... i would still eat them myself, no doubt, but probably not serve them to others.

i have frozen well-wrapped, unfrosted cupcakes and cakes a week in advance to when i needed them. after thawing for 2 hours at room temp, my discerning tastebuds couldn't tell the difference. i wouldn't freeze them for too long though, they may dry out or get freezer burn.

i have frozen leftover buttercream frosting in freezer bags (separate from the cupcakes). again, tastes fine when its thawed out... but its usually pretty easy to whip up when you need it anyway.

Rachel said...

i've frozen the whole cupcake (iced and all) with no problem!

Anonymous said...

I also have the same question. I am not talking about making cupcakes in advance rather when they "sit out" during parties. If they are not in fridge, how long can they sit in room temperature for? Would they go bad in a day or so?

Anonymous said...

I have the same question as the post long can I keep homemade cupcakes out of the fridge before they aren't safe to eat?

Anonymous said...

I want to freeze cupcakes, but don't know if they will last for a month in the freezer or not? any ideas

cuppicake said...

I am trying to sell my cupcakes wholesale to cafes in Perth, Western Australia - can you tell me how long a CC with buttercream icing will last in those display fridges? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Jo said...

How does cream filled cupcakes last?

Jamie Koh said...

How long can a cc last with icing..?

Jamie Koh said...

can it keep for 2-3 days?

Jamie Koh said...

i guess it can keep for 4 days..