Friday, August 26, 2005

Nigella bakes cupcakes

Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson has several cupcake recipes on her site:

Lavendar trust cupcakes

Chocolate cherry cupcakes

Christmas cupcakes

Basic cupcake recipe


Brian W said...

I've been severely burned (not literally) by some of Nigella's baking recipes in the past, including chocolate cupcakes that never rose and tasted like nothing. I think it was due to problems with weights & measures in the first edition of Domestic Goddess (or maybe I'm just a spaz)... but forewarned is forearmed! Make sure the ratios look right before you bake.

Melody said...

Yes, I made the plain version of her 'fairy cakes' and loved them. Easy easy recipe. Mmmmm

ayu said...

i tried nigella's basic cupcake recipe, but it didn't work. it was too dense and a little bit bland. i succeeded with the magnolia recipe you posted though... and i got to thinking that maybe why the nigella recipe failed was mostly because of the steps (the recipe said to just mix everything away, and so I did, that being my first time baking any cake from scratch...) so maybe i'll have to try the recipe using the steps from magnolia recipe...