DCist ranks DC's cupcakes

While the three of us have yet to sample any Washington DC cupcakes to give our own opinions on them, we can link to Melissa McCart's review up on DCist:

Best Overall Cupcake: Le Cupcake

Le Cupcake's 'cakes are our favorite. Not only are they light and airy, they are sugary without being super-sweet. What's more, local cupcake maven Robyn Savage will even frost them as you like, swirls and sprinkles included. The catch? If you can't grab one of the few that make their way to Stacy's Coffee Parlor in Falls Church, you'll have to get them delivered and wait it out. And as a one-woman operation, she'll need some lead time because, hey, she's not Domino's. But we ask you: what could be better than cupcake delivery? A delivered two dozen will cost you $42. (703) 533-8989. Also sold at Stacy’s Coffee Parlor for $1.75 each. 709 West Broad Street. Falls Church, Va.

Best Everyday Cupcake: Reeves Bakery

Reeves has been a Washington institution since 1886, with the likes of President Truman and Lady Bird Johnson citing it as their go-to bakery in Washington. It’s no wonder that, after two fires, the Great Depression, the ‘60s riots, and a move, it’s still a District favorite. We also liked its old-fashioned kitchiness and the hospitality of the counter staff.

As for the cupcakes, DCist enjoyed Reeves because its cupcakes fulfilled most of the criteria. They’re lighter than a piece of cake, yet as moist and sugary sweet. The icing was also just right: not too much or too buttery. So as not to frighten the power-lunching clientele around Metro Center, Reeves doesn’t display too many pink cupcakes with sprinkles. But don’t let their conservative chocolate and vanilla appearance fool you. And at a reasonably priced $1 per cupcake, each bite is worth the pursuit of this goodness. 1306 G Street NW. (202) 628-6350.

Honorable Mention (and Best Cupcake Shop): Baked and Wired

Housed in a warm, inviting space next to the C&O Canal in Georgetown, Baked and Wired is DCist’s version of the perfect cupcake place. We’re so looking forward to our next stop-off to this quaint, authentic spot owned by Teresa Velazquez. We only wish it were open weekends to satisfy our Sunday pre-movie fix.

Wrapped in parchment paper, cupcakes are available in carrot with cream cheese icing, as well as in chocolate and white cake topped with butter cream. Though not sprinkled or aggressively pink, these cupcakes are a sophisticated version of what we remember from childhood. More dense and larger than Reeves, Baked and Wired’s chocolate 'cakes tasted closest to the real thing. Icing fans, this is your spot: plenty of butter and gooey-ness. Yet at $3.50 a pop, these cupcakes are also the most expensive of the lot. 1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW. (202) 333-2500.

DCist also visited and/or sampled cupcakes from Chinatown's China Doll Restaurant's bakery, Cleveland Park's Wheatberry, Adams Morgan's Sticky Fingers, and the P Street Whole Foods.


kylie lambert said…
Hi, I live in Sydney Australia & have wanted to start up my cupcake business for 1.5 years now but never seem to have the courage to get started! Everyone tells me my cupcakes are georgeous & look like nothing they've seen- yet I find self doubt holding me back. I know mine are unique (& lovely) & can'tfind much on the net that compare to mine but does anyone have tips on how to get going? ( & my confidence up before I completley miss the boat?) Thanks, Kylie. (lambertcamera@iprimus.com.au)
wingwax said…
Whoa...Best cup cakes in DC are at The Sticky Buns Bakery, no questions.
Anonymous said…
I just found a new cupcake place that makes AMAZING cupcakes and delivers to the Washington DC metro. Couture Cupcakes. They have a website, www.couture-cupcakes.com
I ordered some for my baby shower, complete with sugar flowers on all of them. My favorite flavors are the Betsy and the Duracelle.
Allison said…
Kylie, if people say you have delicious cupcakes, then they probably are delicious. The perfect place to open a cupcake shop in in center city, Philadelphia, if that is possible for you. There is not one place in center city that specializes in cupcakes, so it would be popular and you would not have as much competition. Good luck!
Charity said…
and what about georgetown cupcake? They are so yummy.
Amy Kagan said…
While I love Georgetown Cupcakes, Red Velvet, and the like... I have to say that Curbside cupcakes are out standing! Their icing is out of this world!
Anonymous said…
Lavender Moon!!! Their S'mores cupcake insane!