Cupcakes Take the National Post

Cupcakes are even big in Canada!

Also, fabulous caption:

We’ll totally understand if you feel an odd compulsion to lick this page, festooned as it is with two dozen cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Dessert CafĂ© on the Danforth.

"Cupcakes - the next generation," National Post, Barry Hertz

Cupcakes were a mere trend a few years back, but now they’re making the transition to staple of the local sweet-shop scene. And at the same time, as their status becomes entrenched, some daring bakeries are taking the battle to the next level, creating not just cupcakes but designer cupcakes.

“For some people it’s the very simplicity of cupcakes that’s appealing — they’re easy to make, cheap to buy and easy to transport,” says Rachel Kramer Bussel, a New York-based writer and one of the operators of the All Cupcakes, All the Time blog (

“Along with that, there has also been a boom in high-end and specialty cupcakes … they have that nostalgic appeal, but can also be found at ritzy parties.”

There is no shortage of Toronto businesses looking to put their own spin on the new snack craze.


What's Haute said…
oh how i love cupcakes, especially from crumbs.