Cupcake onesie

Clementine in her new cupcake onesie
Originally uploaded by rkb1.
Check out this adorable cupcake onesie (worn by friend o' CTTC 4-month-old Clementine) - it's available from Wonder Threads, who we'll be interviewing here soon. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! And if you had cupcakes at your Thanksgiving, let us know.

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Anonymous said…
We had turkey cupcakes here -- based on ideas from Frosted in chocolate, with half a nutter butter cookie for the head, Sandies Right Bites (or whatever they're called) for the wings (small oval shortbread), and Reese's Pieces for the tail feathers (couldn't find candy corn, my first choice). I was going to send you a pic, but DS2 "plucked" all the Reese's Pieces off, leaving the platter of cute turkeys not so photogenic.