Holiday Cupcakes Updated

We've heard about several bakeries doing special holiday promotions. If you are one or know of one, email us with the relevant details at cupcakestakethecake at

New York's sugar Sweet sunshine will once again be offering peppermint buttercream frosting.

Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank, California has let us know they have many fun holiday flavors:

- Egg Nog cupcake with an Egg Nog buttercreme
- Snowball (Chocolate cupcake, filled with whipped cream, topped with marshmallow vanilla buttercreme and rolled in sweetened flaked coconut)
- Holiday Spice (Our special blend of holiday spices, frosted with spice buttercreme and topped with an edible gingerbread man
- Sugar Plum ( Plum cupcake, frosted with a light plum buttercreme, topped with sugar crystals)
- Chocolate Merlot cupcake with a chocolate merlot buttercreme

We also have various decorations available, our Cupcake Kit, Cupcake-on-a-stick, and holiday towers too!

Cupcake Royale in Seattle has introduced 3 special flavors (info below from their site):

You don't need a cookie cutter to do Gingerbread justice. In fact, at Cupcake Royale, we always take our Gingerbread in cupcake form. We top this holiday favorite with vanilla buttercream and festive little sprinkles. Be scared Gingerbread very scared. The Gingerbread Cupcake is here.

Festively refreshing on vanilla or chocolate cake. We top this treat with mint buttercream and a starlight mint. It's the cupcake version of a candy cane, but we left out that weird plastic wrapper. You're welcome.

You've been so good all year, and your reward has arrived...the Red Velvet cupcake. This Southern classic is a deep red cake with hints of cocoa. We finish this special beauty with some serious love...a.k.a cream cheese frosting and holly berry sprinkles. But, a RED cake, you say? Oh the mystery! Oh the magic! It's a holiday cupcake miracle!

Here's what Portland's Saint Cupcake's got on tap (along with special holiday pies but you'll have to find a pie blog or visit Saint Cupcake's for that), and they've already started selling them:

how cute these treats will look in a box. when you lay your eyes on our super magic holiday cupcakes yule be so happy. (sorry, it had to be done).

Starting 11/17, we will start making

egg nog cupcakes (available fridays through sundays)

ginger bread cupcakes (available fridays through sundays)

big top cupcakes that look just like a christmas tree with lights

big top cupcakes with a candy cane swirl (pretty!)

Speaking of Saint Cupcake (who we interviewed here), they are having a Birthday Bash this Wednesday, November 29th, so Portlanders, go get your free cupcake (in store only)!

And Sprinkles has specials for the holidays and New Year's:

Click through for the pretty visuals, but for the holidays, they've got vanilla peppermint with crushed peppermint candies, spice cake with eggnog cream cheese frosting, chocolate peppermint with crushed peppermint candies and coconut of the day, and for New Year's they've got special boxes with dark chocolate, vanilla milk chocolate, black & white and vanilla with peace signs on top!

And you can also make your own - and if you do, be sure to send them in! I think between all the various holidays being celebrated, there's plenty of ways you can specially decorate your cupcakes - cupcakes snowmen and women, anyone?