a cupcake in the park

morning glory
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Hooray for eating cupcakes outdoors! I have to say, I've found that they make great picnic foods. Then again, I think they make great anytime foods. My family's having a belated Hannukah get-together on January 6th and I've been tasked with bringing cupcakes (since they found out about this blog). I'm honored!

Let us know if you've brought cupcakes to family events or parties of other kinds, either in the comments or at cupcakestakethecake@yahoo.com


Mama Fabun said…
I brought cupcakes to my family's Thanksgiving get-together (Pumpkin Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Frosting,) as well as Christmas (Egg Nog Cupcakes w/ Egg Nog Frosting & Chocolate Cupcakes w/ White Mint Frosting and topped with a Junior Mint.)
Mama Fabun said…
Oh, and I also made them for our December birthdays celebration. Those were Chocolate Monkey Face Cupcakes.
Anonymous said…
I made Chockylit's chocolate bread pudding cupcakes for a monthly girls night in, and for my friend Dana's X-mas dinner. They turned out well, you can see a pic here.