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I found a not so favorable review of My Little Cupcake in Studio CIty, California, where these cupcakes came from. I don't think they have a website yet. Anyone else tried them? LA seems to be the hotbed of new cupcakeries!


Anonymous said…
my little cupcake is not so good...i was disappointed. the shop was plain as well. a GREAT cupcake shop in LA though is SusieCakes in Brentwood. the strawberry and red velvet cupcakes there are to die for!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ladies,

I love your site. I linked to one of your yummy photos on my site at:

Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
haven't been to my little cupcake yet, but seems like i'm not missing out on anything. i figure, if you're in studio city, you might as well go a little extra distance and head to yummy cupcakes in burbank.
i don't know...i went to susie cakes and wasn't too fond of them. their cake is too dry.
Anonymous said…
I could not agree with the review more! Both My Little cupcake and Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank were pretty awful.

It is sad that some of these new cupcakeries are just trying to cash in on the popularity with out having the passion or baking talent to back them up.
I think that like coffeehouses the bad ones will close and the ones with passionate owners will last the test of time.

My favorite cupcake shops in LA, and we have been to them all...
#1 Leda's Bakeshop
# 2 Frosted in Long Beach/Belmost Shores
#3 Sprinkles

Trader Joes has a 4 pack of chocolate cupcakes for $4. something that are really good! We had a side by side taste test with Sprinkles cupcakes in bed on New Years and the TJ ones won.
Dave Blass said…
Have you tried the MelliBelli cupcakes at The Tea Garden on Melrose across from Urth Cafe. Seriously, now those are the best cupcakes around. Having tried Sprinkles, My Little Cupcake and Yummy... these blow them away.