Cupcake boots!

My friend Judy sent me a note saying I'd probably seen these cupcake boots...I hadn't! We do try to keep up with all things cupcake at this blog but, alas, there's SO MUCH out there, we can't. So please do send us or comment with your tips and news. I didn't even know about Ooo la la Cupcakes either!

From A la pink via Ooo lala Cupcakes


Anonymous said…
Hey there,

This is Ooo La La Cupcakes, thanks for the props! I just started the blog a couple weeks ago as I’m a cupcake fan too. I actually discovered your blog after I started the site and have mentioned your site as one of my faves, your blog is really well done, nice job!

Ooo La La Cupcakes!
Alison said…
Wow, these are just the cutest!!!
Anonymous said…
i love the boots they are soo cute.;)