"Cupcakes Are Back," Daily News-Record

Allison and I are quoted in this article in the Daily News-Record from Harrisonburg, VIrginia:

"Cupcakes Are Back: Taste of Childhood Returns WIth Grown-Up Flavors"

Rachel Kramer Bussel, a New York-based journalist, founded a blog called "Cupcakes Take The Cake" in late 2004.

The blog, which has recipes, links to cupcake-only bakeries and photos of lavishly decorated dwarf desserts, has "taken off," she says.

Bussel has even interviewed singer Lisa Loeb — who you might remember for her signature tortoise-shell cat-eye glasses and the song "Stay," a #1 hit in 1994 — for the blog. (Loeb, in case you’re wondering, is very picky about the amount of icing on her cupcakes, and is fond of baking banana cupcakes with orange and kumquat cream cheese icing).

Bussel doesn’t like to call cupcakes trendy because it implies the frenzy will die down at some point.

"But there is sort of a buzz about cupcakes," she said. "It’s not just the big cities anymore, it’s other places too."

Bussel says it’s hard to put your finger on what, exactly, is driving the cupcake craze.

Having your own, individual portion of cake is appealing to some people, she says, as is the relatively cheap price and the wide variety of fun flavors...

Allison Bojarski, the cupcake blog’s resident baker, says cupcakes are everywhere now. And the more people are making them, the more the flavors there are.

Her favorite recipe is one she created: Chocolate spice cupcakes flavored with coffee and ancho chile powder.

"It’s a bit more grown-up and sophisticated," she said. "Don’t get me wrong, I love a good old-fashioned vanilla or chocolate cupcake, but it was fun to mix the chocolate and chile powder because I love spicy food and I love chocolate."

And they printed Allison's spicy chocolate cupcake recipe!


sandrine elise said…
Ahh yeah! I'm a Harrisonburg person and a DNR Flavor section reader (actually thats the only part I read..)
I found this blog because of that story.
I like it (: