Entertainment Weekly says cupcakes are "so cliché"

In a story about Ugly Betty, Tanner Stransky writes:

Back in the world of good — a.k.a. the Suarez home in Queens — Hilda (''I could be the Latina Mrs. Fields!'') was whipping her staff into shape while they put together cupcakes. Riffing on the premise of Material Girls, Herbalux went under, so Hilda was out of business and needed a new job. But cupcakes? Really? As a New Yorker, I can say that cupcakes — a sugary trend that came and went a few years ago — are so cliché!

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Anonymous said…
nonsense. cupcakes are the leopard print of the pastry world. always in style, yet always deliciously trashy.
Jennifer said…
Great-- if they're not trendy, then it's the perfect time to simply enjoy them for their innate wonderfulness. (And not have to worry about being "trendy"...)
Anonymous said…
I agree with Jennifer. The trendies can move on to the next fad, leaving more cupcakes for us!!
how can cupcakes be just a fad? they're cakes! cakes never go out of style, just like little cakes, cakes in a cup. what else could she have baked? a hundred cakes? unrealistic! a hundred cookies? how much money can you really get for a hundred cookies? how fun are cookies anyway? not nearly as fun as cupcakes, that's for sure!
Anonymous said…
Exactly, thirtiethyear! How can they be a trend, they're CAKE!! And obviously EW has never heard of Sprinkles in LA, or any of the other VERY popular cupcakeries all over the USA that are doing very well! As long as mother and grandmas make cupcakes for their children, adults will always long for a dose of comfort food in the form of a yummy cupcake!
Nonsense, EW, nonsense.
Anonymous said…
Cupcakes are timeless! I loved them as a kid. Who didn't? I love them now and I imagine that I'll love them until the very end!