Cupcakes on the blogs/in the news

A very long overdue semi-roundup of cupcakes in the news/on blogs (there is SO much going on about cupcakes all over, we try to cover it but can't get to it all, which I think is a good thing and a sign that cupcakes continue to expand). Do please keep sending us links and info and we'll do our best to post 'em:

Sarah and the Stampstars has a fabulous post about cupcake blogs and bakeries, and I learned about several great cupcake blogs:

Cupcake Frenzy


Couture Cupcakes (see previous post)

Stepped in Cupcake Batter

Another very cool cupcake blog is Girls Who Sell Cupcakes, by some of the staff at Seattle's Trophy Cupcakes (look for our interview with the owner soon). The cupcake girls are also on Flickr, and they dish on their blog about the behind the scenes of working in a bakery while sharing yummy-looking photos like these:

green tea




And from them I found out about the blog Cupcakes & Yoga!

Cupcakes (and this very blog) were part of a roundup in The Oregonian on "Five recent baking obsessions"

a recipe for pink lemonade cupcakes

A knuckle cupcake tattoo (via 52 Projects)

Lessons from a cupcake


Sarah Moore said…
awe shucks! thanks for the plug! :)
Cupcakes & Yoga said…
Thank you for the honorable mention! :)