Bakeshop DC

Murky Coffee alerts us to a new bakery in DC, Bakeshop DC. (Murky Coffee will be selling their cupcakes too.) Photo courtesy of Murky Coffee.

Bakeshop DC offers cupcakes, cakes, pies, pudding, rice krispy treats and homemade ice cream.

Of their cupcakes, they say:

"Cupcakes are baked fresh daily, so they are soft and moist. They are available in many varieites such as devils food, red velvet, coconut, lemon, cream-filled and wedding cake cupcakes, just to name a few. Our delicious buttercream frosting comes in a variety of flavors."

DC area folks, let us know if you've tried Bakeshop DC's cupcakes (and send pics)!


Lara said…
The barista recommended the chocolate, but being a huge red velvet fan, i couldn't resist- I had the red velvet cupcake and it was the BEST EVER! The cake was soooo soft. I especially like the frosting, because it was the perfect blend of buttercreamy-ness and sugary-ness. Will def try the chocolate next time...
Suzanne said…
I had the chocolate cupcake with white frosting and it was fantastic! The cake was very moist and I love that I can taste the vanilla bean in the icing.