Fawn and other pretty things on cupcakes

Originally uploaded by amanda bel.
Check out this photos set at Every Little Thing for more of these cupcakes, which even comes with a soundtrack: "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies!

There's a ballerina and a wizard and flowers and much prettiness. These really qualify (I think) for the "too gorgeous to eat" cupcake category. I always wonder about the super beautiful cupcakes - do people feel weird about eating these mini works of art? Or are they just extra delicious because of their beauty?


amanda bel said…
Thanks so much for the shout out! And, YES....we do eat them. You better believe we do!
Cassie said…
aww i love this! deer + cupcakes = :)

hey! i have a new blog about cupcakes, and i LOVE your blog. i linked you and i was wondering if you wouldn’t mind linking me…?