Red, white and chocolate wedding cupcakes

Assorted Cupcakes
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Anonymous said…
Hehe, I like the wedding cakes. Thank you for showing the pictures.

I am going to get married with my fiance in very soon. It's of little awfulness when we have divarication at the details. Of course, finally we fixed it out. He is a busy guy, even his engaging gift is booked from website -, not deciding by shopping on the street, but it's OK. Because the gems on the necklace is a kind I really like, a green gem - symbolizing our long live love like a tree.

I thing wedding is an important ceremony in our life. I would not like to have it a seconnd time. Because most of the situation , the unique time would be the most memorate experience. To the form of the wedding, I cares about every thing, and I know he is the same. I really know a lot about wedding from your blog, good posting!!