tiramisu cupcake

tiramisu cupcake
Originally uploaded by freakgirl.
It's funny because when I first saw this photo (one of the many we lovingly repost from our Flickr pool), I didn't know what kind of cupcake it was, I was just drawn to the gorgeous swirl of frosting. To me, cupcakes are so much about the presentation, especially when you're viewing photos of them. Thanks, freakgirl, for such a beautiful image. Here's her description of this cupcake (sorry, we do not have recipes for most of these):

Cupcake with cocoa powder, kahlua and coffee. Frosting with mascarpone cheese and flavored with amaretto.


freakgirl said…
Glad you like it...it tasted as good as it looked! :)

The cake recipe can be found in the book "Crazy About Cupcakes."