Cupcake Station in Birmingham, Michigan

Emily from Birgmingham, Michigan's Cupcake Station sent us these photos of some special cupcakes they've done recently. They offer 20 varieties made fresh daily, listed below. Their motto is "Everyone Loves a Cupcake." Their site's worth checking out - they've got a Google calendar with their events and a very extensive and adorable photo gallery of special events they've worked on and quite unique cupcakes, including ballerinas, smiley faces, a tuxdeo cupcake, various sports, a ladybug, and a SpongeBob cupcake! Click on "About Us" and then "photo gallery."


Cakes By Shara said…
The crown is adorable!
The Frugal Detroiter said…
I found a buy one get one free coupon for the Cupcake station in Birmingham and Ann Arbor Michigan.