If you're looking for recipes...

Welcome to all our new readers...we try to bring you pretty cupcake photos to ogle, news about cupcakes and bakeries, meetup info, links to recipes, and general cupcake culture goodness.

One thing we don't have an abundance of is recipes; there are a few here and there, but if all you want is some super yummy recipe to whip up, here are a few links, and if we've missed anything major or you have an awesome cupcake recipe to share, email us or post in the comments. And send us your photos if you do bake cupcakes!

And with just a little searching, you can find all sorts of unusual cupcake recipes, like this one for Red Skins/vodka cupcakes. (Full disclosure: I didn't even know what Red Skins where, but apparently they are a raspberry flavored hard candy.)


52 Cupcakes



Nigella Lawson

The Cake Mix Doctor

Amy Sedaris's cupcakes (plus other Amy recipes)


Tango Cakes said…
I always put recipes and pictures on my blog of my stuff. And I let everyone know when it's not good...or when I mess it up (like my last post). ;)
Carissa said…
You forgot BakeSpace! BakeSpace has over 250 cupcake recipes. To see them go here

BakeSpace is where I post my cupcake recipes:

Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes

Weight Watchers 2 point Chocolate Cupcakes

Cherry Cordial Cupcakes

and more.....
I post a recipe every Tuesday, and sometimes more often.