Austin's Hey Cupcake! - Cupcakes stand in an Airstream trailer

This is fascinating - Hey Cupcake! owner Wes Hurt sells freshly baked cupcakes from this Airstream trailer (photo via blogger Prissy Cook, who's been featured here before, on Flickr):

Hey Cupcake in Austin, TX

He was inspired to open his stand by Magnolia Bakery, and also delivers (1 dozen minimum). Sign up for his mailing list and get a coupon for a FREE cupcake! Does it get any better than that? We'll work on getting an interview with him ASAP.

News 8 Austin just ran a story on him (click through for video portion):

A year and a half ago, Wes Hurt was selling electric scooters on the side of the highway.

Now the 29-year-old bakes cupcakes and sells them out of an Airstream trailer on South Congress Avenue.

Hey, Cupcake! has barely been in business a few weeks. He sold 400 the first day and said he's sold out every day since...

There are six flavors to choose from. At $2 a pop, you can venture away from vanilla and chocolate and give the red velvet and carrot cake a try.

“The cupcake is almost magical in and of itself. It’s a really weird deal that you can’t really explain it. It’s the nostalgia aspect of a cupcake. Reminding you of when you were younger,” Hurt said.


Anonymous said…
Rock on Wes!! We'll be sure to check you out next time we're visiting our UT son! We looked for your stand in July, but must've missed ya.

If you're ever in Fort Worth drop by...

sandra =)
Anonymous said…
Wow, you have a cool gig. I like the idea and the fact that you like cupcakes!
Julia said…
Thank you sooo much! I was feeling completely blue until I spied the shiny airstream and rotating cupcake. Cupcakes as a panacea? I think so! Your creativity, quality and simplicity are inspiring!
Ti said…
very briliant idea! i love cup cakes