Daddy Cakes in Topeka, Kansas

The Topeka Capital-Journal has an article about Topeka, Kansas-area bakeries, including Daddy Cakes:

"When you go into this business, you sort of hear people talking, but it's good to listen to what people liked or didn't like," she said. "I like to get as much information as I can. I think there's a market for sweets, you just have to do it right."

Cupcake specialty shops are becoming popular in larger cities. Fiander said she is counting on the concept taking off here, too. She is also pushing local product by selling Iwig Family Dairy flavored milk and PT's coffee to go with the cupcakes.

With some bakers counting on as much as 70 percent of their business coming through the holiday season, Fiander's timing for opening the shop is intentional.

"A cupcake fits into almost every holiday," she said.

Photos in this post from the Daddy Cakes website; they've also got a blog. They offer flavors like Java Junkie, Mint Chip, and Curious George (Banana cake with chocolate buttercream), as well as special flavors on varying days like Milk Chocolate Malted, Caramel Apple, Coconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Cosmopolitan, and Margarita.

Here's what they say about themselves:

The daddy cakes story starts with a little bit of a mistake. Bill was at the auction trying his best to make his wife happy bidding on what he thought were cupcake pans. What they turned out to be were Texas sized muffin pans. They thought about it for a while and decided that if they were going to make a store that specialized in cakes and put so much time and care into making each cupcake the best then it should be something special to eat. The jumbo muffin tins soon became known as the daddy sized pans, and the regular cupcake as the baby pans. Behold the birth of daddy cakes. It's all about bigger and better. Our mission at daddy cakes is simple. To go where no cake has gone before. daddy cakes are real, original and fun. This ain't no fake cake.


Anonymous said…
I bought a dozen two days ago and shared them with my coworkers -by far the best loved flavors were: java junkie, billy vanilla, curious george, red velvet - we are definitely going back for more!
Anonymous said…
A friend ordered the cupcakes for a baby shower! They were wonderful, even the "Skinny" cakes!
Anonymous said…
Maybe the day we went they were having a bad day. I was not impressed. I thought cupcakes were very heavy and dry, and the frosting tasted terrible!
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