Mad Hatter Cupcakes, Las Vegas, Nevada

Certain cities seem to become hot spots for cupcakes; one bakery opens, then another and another. This makes, to our knowledge, three in Vegas: Cupcake Lane, the soon-to-open Retro Bakery Las Vegas, and one we just heard about, Mad Hatter Cupcakes.

They were awarded a blue ribbon for "Most Creative Food" at The BITE of Las Vegas. My fave line? "Mad Hatter Cupcakes is located near Flamingo & the 215 between Chuck E. Cheese and Target." The article also says: "With ten cupcake flavors, ten fillings, ten frostings, and over 100 decorations to choose from you can mix and match flavors to create an irresistible cupcake assortment."

Blogger GlossyVeneer has the lowdown on Mad Hatter:

2. Wascally Wabbit
This was from their “Signature Cupcakes” menu and was a carrot cupcake, orange crème filling and cream cheese frosting. The cupcake had raisins and nuts throughout and was pretty tasty, not a strong spice profile. The orange in the filling was pleasant, not too overwhelming. And the frosting was a pretty decent cream cheese. They placed little orange and carrot candies on the top, to help with the flavor identification if you had a ton of cupcakes, but it also is a cute little accent. Not really necessary in terms of flavor though.

Photos below via GlossyVeneer on Flickr:

Wascally Wabbit
carrot cupcake \ orange crème filling \ cream cheese frosting

Personalized mix of flavors
Pumpkin cupcake \ chocolate ganache filling \ white chocolate frosting

Mad About Lemon
lemon cupcake \ lemon crème filling \ lemon zest frosting


E. said…
I am in love with this place-- it's great for birthday parties because everyone picks out their own cupcake flavor, filling, frosting and decoration (of which there are 100s!!)....they fill it, frost it and decorate it right in front of you

the almond joy was by far my favourite
Thanks for linking to my post. I really did find this place to be super-friendly, more so than the other cupcake shops open in town so far.
Joelene said…
You didn't list my favorite: the cupcakery in green valley. Hands down the best!
mari. said…
i agree with joelene - the cupcakery has the most scrumptious red velvet cupcakes, and a new summerlin location opening this fall.

'mad hatter' is news to me, so i'll be checking them out soon.
Anonymous said…
I was a very strong supporter of this establishment until Valentine's Day. It seems that this establishment likes to change their prices according to the holiday. Usually they charge $3.25 per cupcake and you can special order one any way you want it, (with filling, different frosting, etc.) but on Valentine's day you must pay $6 per cupcake and on top of that you get no special order, you get what they have pre-made. I will not recommend this establishment and strongly discourage anyone from frequenting or visiting them. The cupcakes are good, but the lack of ethics, professionalism, and honesty should be against the law! Please join me in boycotting this establishment!!
Anonymous said…
I love the brand new cupcake store in the southwest. Cake in a cup. They are family owned and operated its the best customer service because they care. I had the HoundDog which is a banana cake with chocolate and peanut butter. yum. i also had the carrot cake which I have to say is the best ever. Not even that they are the least inexpesive in town. You have to try them you won't be dissapointed!!!!!