Cupcakes in Manila

Big article from Philippinne Daily Inquirer on cupcakes in Manila:

While brownies and cookies (and the occasional unfortunate fruitcake) remain the top giveaways, cupcakes are quickly becoming popular edible gifts this season. The cupcake craze, which hit Manila nearly two years ago, has spawned dozens of businesses that offer cupcakes in all sizes and flavors. However, of all the cupcake bakers in the country, two stand out: Sonja Ocampo of Sonja’s Cupcakes, and Yumi Castrillo of Yummy Piece of Cake.

Ocampo is often credited as the one responsible for the cupcake craze; her store, Sonja’s Cupcakes (located in Serendra) is often filled with customers who buy them by the dozen. The cupcakes are light, sweet and easy on the eyes, which explains why Ocampo’s offerings are popular among the young set.

For the holidays, Sonja’s Cupcakes is offering decorated cupcakes. Regular flavors (popular ones include chocolate, red velvet cake, lemon, vanilla and strawberry) are topped with brightly colored icing, candy canes, sugar stars, and sprinkles. Kids will love the Frosty the Snowman decorations, while more subdued—but no less playful—adults might want to take home cupcakes topped with snowflakes, wreaths and trees.

And here's a photo from the shoot - see more from Yummy Piece of Cake

Christmas Cupcake Tower for the Philippine Daily Inquirer Photoshoot