Sweet-n-Sassy Cupcake Visit!

When I was home for Christmas in Newark, DE, I got my first chance to stop in and visit Sweet-n-Sassy Cupcakes, who we've written about previously on the blog. (They even sent us t-shirts and panties before!)

They were so welcoming to me that they made me feel like an old friend. They insisted on giving me a dozen sampler of the various holiday cupcakes they were whipping up (everything from red velvet, to double chocolate to eggnog frosting) as well as new blinged-out t-shirts for Rachel, Nichelle and I.

The cupcakes were so delicious and I shared them with family on Christmas Day.

sweet & sassy cupcakes t-shirt

Their shop is adorable (as you can see in the photo below) and sells all kinds of stuff from margarita mix to cute aprons and martini glasses. So if you're ever in Newark, Delaware, do stop in!

sweet & sassy cupcakes--the store!


Anonymous said…
I visted Sweet-n-Sassy today and I must say they got it! The shop is adorable! I met the owner Tara and she was a sweetheart, personable and welcoming. Not to mention the cupcakes were very, very good. Out of the 17 cupcakeries I've been to theirs have to be one of the best!