Cupcakes in Johannesburg, South Africa

I don't have a URL or any photos/contact info, but this article in The Times from South Africa called "I Love my shop with ilovecupcake" is pretty interesting. If anyone has any more information on this shop, please let us know.

Update: Ask and ye shall receive: the owner of ilovecupcake just contacted us to tell us that they have a website and she has a blog, where I got this photo below from.

Christa Kearns puts the cherry on top of a perennial favourite

What kind of shop is it?

ILOVECUPCAKE sells only cupcakes. We offer a variety of 18 cupcakes to make absolutely sure that there is something delectable for every palette.

The delectable flavours range from classic vanilla, strawberry and chocolate to the deluxe blends of flourless Black Forest, delicate rose and Maraschino cherry.

While caramel mud and peanut cupcakes will satisfy the sweetest of children’s taste buds, the brandy chocolate, tiramisu, lemon meringue and white chocolate topped with a Ferrero Rocher, have been created for the discerning cupcake candidate.

Who runs it?

Myself. I’m the co-owner and creative mastermind behind the selection.

Tell us the story behind the name of the shop
We believe in the KISS principle, Keep it Simple, Stupid! So, the name needs to tell you exactly what the product is, and secondly connect with you emotionally.

When did it open?

The Johannesburg shop opened in the first week of November. The Centurion shop opened the first week in January. We are planning the third shop in June in Parktown North.


everythingiseventual said…
i was wondering if you could possible mail me a recipe of like a classic cupcake icing, you know the icing that is made into this perfect glossy swirl. im new in the world of cupcakes and am just looking for the really nice tried and tested recipes. you can just post it on my blog somewhere if you lik. muchly appreciated - Sidrah
arnold see said…
Hi Cupcake ladies,

What a fantastic looking website, nice going.

Can you please tell me if your shop in Parktown North has opened already, if so, where are you based, I'm from the Rosebank Mall.