Heart-themed cupcake papers and more from King Arthur Flour

Someone from King Arthur Flour got in touch with us, and I'm so glad they did, becaues they have some cool cupcake products and...they are hosting a cupcake class on February 11th:

Elevate the everyday cupcake to new heights with this class on baking and decorating cupcakes to rival the best bakery-bought. Of course, the theme is Valentine's but you'll find ways to personalize these pieces of perfection and learn how to take your cakes to the next level!

Class held at The Baking Education Center, King Arthur Flour, Norwich, Vermont.

Adult Hands-On Class
Monday, February 11, 6 to 9 pm

Here's some of their cupcake-related products (we'll be testing some of them out soon and will give a full report):

Creamy Coconut Cupcakes

Tender, moist coconut cupcakes, frosted with a rich swirl of coconut icing–a piece of cake with our King Arthur mix!

  • Serving delicious coconut cupcakes iced with rich coconut frosting doesn’t have to take a lot of skill or effort–we make it easy for you.

  • Mix features King Arthur Flour, coconut milk, and coconut, butter, and vanilla flavors.

  • Creamy coconut icing mix included.

  • Garnishes sold separately; add your own toasted coconut for garnish.

  • Makes a dozen cupcakes, or a 9" round cake.

Heart cupcake papers

Colorful Swedish cupcake papers are ideal for your Valentine cupcakes.

  • Standard 3” cups are greaseproof, perfect for a potluck.

  • Surprise! "Happy Valentine's Day" message is printed on the bottom.

  • Package of 60.

  • Did you know that if you grease cupcake papers before adding batter, it prevents them from tearing baked cupcakes or muffins when you peel them off?

Cupcake caddy

Squashed cake? No more. Cupcake Caddy offers safe transit for your pretty cakes.

  • Sturdy plastic carrier keeps cakes safe from the rough and tumble of any trip–to the potluck, the school party, or a picnic.

  • Lock-tight base and carrying handle prevent spills.

  • Base holds a 9” x 13” sheet cake. Add the reversible insert to carry 12 standard cupcakes/muffins, or 24 minis.

  • Plenty of clearance: carry cakes and cupcakes up to 3 1/2” tall.

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • 18" x 13" x 7" tall.

Giant cupcake pan

Celebrate the cupcake craze with a GIANT cupcake–it’s easy, with this pan.

  • Bake the fluted bottom in one side of the pan, the swirled conical top in the other. Sandwich together with icing, frost, and decorate.

  • Cake looks EXACTLY like a cupcake topped with a towering swirl of frosting!

  • Makes an 8” dia. Cupcake, tapering to 6” at the base.

  • Easy-release non-stick pan is a breeze to clean.

  • Lifetime warranty.

  • Comes with a chocolate cake recipe, and instructions.
  • Comments

    Anonymous said…
    King Arthur Flour is such a wonderful company!!
    Colleen said…
    I love King Arthur Flour and hope to get there some time to take a class or two!
    Sadaf Trimarchi said…
    Re: the big cupcake CAKE. I can't pinpoint why this doesn't work for me. At the most basic level, I think it's because cupcakes are supposed to be miniatures. Therein lies the charm - that little two bite tast of goodness. So cute, so perfectly petite. A gargantuan cake overloaded with heavy frosting resembling a cupcake is wrong on all those counts.

    The Black Dog said…
    I use King Arthur Bread Flour in my bread maker, oh man it turns out some of the best bread. I have not had a batch fail to rise.