Pretty frosting, indeed!

While surfing around (unfortunately I don't remember exactly where I saw it!), I discovered a cupcake business called Pretty Frosting, which I thought was just the coolest name for a cupckae bakery. They've also got a blog and have some beautifully frosted photos up.

Here's what they say about cupcakes:

Cupcakes are the little darlings of the cake world – exquisite, delicious mouthfuls that are just enough to satisfy your cake-lust, but not enough to weigh you down.

Whether it’s their individual size or their pretty frostings, cupcakes are the ultimate treat-appeal.

Every generation seems to love them and they make the perfect treat for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday party, baby shower, wedding, dinner party, cake sale or your mid-morning coffee break.

Big celebration cakes are a thing of the past. For birthdays, pile up cupcakes on a tray and stick each of them with birthday candles.

For real impact at your wedding, go for pretty white wedding cupcakes arranged on tiers. This will definitely make your event extra special and serving so much easier.

Shelf life

Our cupcakes contain no preservatives – they are best eaten within 3 days at room temperature. For longer periods, put in air-tight containers and store them for up to two weeks.


Cake: Choose from Chocolate Mud, Butter, Carrot Walnut and Banana.

Frosting: Traditional Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream, Fondant, Ganache (white or dark chocolate and Cream Cheese.


Diana Evans said…
these are adorable...I so love everything about cupcakes...

Great post!!!
Anonymous said…
Fondant always has such a great look. It's really too bad the taste and texture is so unpleasant.
dana said…
These are pretty much the most adorable cupcakes I've seen!

So creative.