Trial wedding cupcake design

From Couture Cupcakes (via Flickr) - it's a "Rich Soprano Mud Cupcake"

Here are some of the responses these cupcakes elicited:

Close to the best cupcakes she has ever made. The richness of the cupcakes wasn't too sickly sweet, the moistness meant they had been cooked to the perfection and the icing was delicate - perhaps not as suited to the style. 9/10.

Was divine and texture lighter than a mud cake! looks deliciously dense and rich and decorations are ace!

Awesome - nice and fudgey - the decorations will work well for a wedding but I suggest something a bit more sinister for the Soprano theme. red wine-based jelly or similar jellied lollies perhaps?

Yummy - one of the best - more please. lovely and moist - good amount of topping.

The cupcakes look fantastic! I tasted a hint of coffee in there.

It was like a cupcake crossed with a brownie. That would have to be one of my favourites!!! It was up there with that white chocolate one with the berries in it....mmmmmmm.