Cupcake Happy Hour at Baltimore Cupcake Company

Via Metromix

Photos via Baltimore Cupcake Company's website

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays : 5:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.

The Baltimore Cupcake Company
Neighborhood: Locust Point
1433 E. Fort Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21230

Sure, you can head to happy hour, pound some brews and add some girth to that swelling waistline, but so long as that's the plan, consider Baltimore Cupcake Company's happy hour instead. For what you'd pay for a bottle of Miller Lite at other happy hours, you can get this more delicious treat instead. From 5:30–6 p.m. all cupcakes are just $1. Watch out for checkpoints, though, you don't want to have to explain to some flat-topped rookie cop what that white glob is on your cheek.

And here's a longer Metromix article:

This happy hour serves a different type of clientele than the average bar fly. Working professionals in office attire, grannies and kids aged four and below were all in attendance. Don't worry (or maybe you should), there's no liquor involved in the baking process.

Christine Frazier, head baker, serves up chocolate-topped confectioneries to loyal customers and newbies alike. When asked if she has any regulars, her pixie-cut head turns upward in an air of bemusement as she shyly giggles about "a cyclist who comes every week and only ever gets six chocolate cupcakes and never varies, or the old lady who buys them by the dozen and freezes them once every three weeks." After tasting the fruits of her labor, it's easy to see how you could become a helpless addict.


Diana Evans said…
oh these are a dream....

I have a special cupcake illustration you can check out on my blog.... a Valentine's Day cupcake...with hot cocoa...

CupCakeLady said…
Baltimore Cupcake Company has excellent cupcakes.I used to go to Happy Hour when I lived in MD, can't beat 1 dollar cupcakes!
baltimore baker said…
I'm not the only one who thinks that these are the worst cupcakes in Baltimore. Even worse than their bad cupcakes is the horrendously rude service. Go to Charm City Cupcakes instead - the cupcakes are ok, but the service is always friendly.
Rachel said…
I agree with Baltimore Baker, BCC has the worst cupcakes I've ever had-dried out cake, crusty icing (and that is within 10 minutes of opening), rude service, and they never have the cupcakes that are on the menu, no matter how early you go. Save the dollar.
Anonymous said…
I was there yesterday and I agree that the staff is very RUDE and when you call and you are told that they will call you back they NEVER DO!! however the cupcakes are loved by my family,abd clients I will however be checking out the Charm City cupcake today!
Happy Hunting for the perfect CUPCAKE!