Friday, February 22, 2008

February Cupcake Meetup Recap

Little Cupcake BakeShop Meetup

Last Saturday, Cupcakes Take The Cake went south, way south Brooklyn to Bay Ridge to visit the lovely Little Cupcake Bake Shop. I especially liked the German Chocolate cupcake because I love coconut. The staff was super friendly. The shop has more seating (about 8 tables) than most bakeries. Plus, they serve great Italian coffee, Illy.

Little Cupcake BakeShop Meetup
There were about cupcake lovers come from all over the city to share cupcakes. In fact as we were leaving, a woman and her son were just walking in. They came from Westchester to have cupcakes. I also wrote about Little Cupcake Bake Shop for

Next month, March 9, we are going to Astoria to Martha's Country Bakery. BTW, February marks my one-year anniversary of organizing the meetups, and I with the help of Allison and Rachel am planning to bring more fun this years with picnics, parties, and cupcake baking classes.


Anonymous said...

The Little cupcake Bakeshop is a fiest for the eyes. Absolutely amazing!

curiousfoodie said...

This is so fun! I ought to set up a "I love cupcakes" club for us bloggers in Singapore. :D

steph said...

You gotta try the lemon cupcake! Ooo, and the red velvet one is yummy, too; cute shop, great staff.