Manhattan's Cupcake Cafe Endorses Obama

Once again, a reminder that Cupcakes Take the Cake is NOT endorsing any candidates, but we are bringing you the news about cupcakes, which wind up relating to everything in the news, from sports to politics. Tomorrow we will have a Super Tuesday political cupcake roundup (so far we've got McCain, Clinton and Obama examples, but we need more! Send them to" - these could be candidate mentions or cupcakes with logos or candidates in photos with cupcakes, bakery endorsements, etc.), but when cupcakes make a headline in a New York Times blog, we're obliged to listen. Also, the kingmaker cupcakes we posted about yesterday? Reposted (with photo!) on The Huffington Post today!

From Unami Mart (via NYT CIty Room blog)

The owners of Cupcake Cafe in Manhattan are clearly Obama supporters. One of them strolled into the Obama Campaign office last week in Lower Manhattan carrying a huge box of cupcakes to feed the little office packed with hungry volunteers.