Bunny cupcakes

From blogger Bakerella - click through for more photos and recipe - photo via Flickr, where you can also see more beyond adorable cupcakes

Cake was made using the Yellow Downy Butter Cake recipe from The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum, which Bakerella calls a "fantastic resource."

Decorations: Fondant for the ears. I used some bunny cookie cutters to shape the fondant the night before. I cut off the bunny face (see pic below) to make it easier to stick the ears into the cupcakes. Then I left them out on the counter to dry out so they would stand up straight. For the curved ears, I placed in the bottom of a shallow bowl so they would form to that shape while they dried. You could even lay them over a glass, or something round like that. Also, I needed something for the whiskers, so I came across these Japanese somen noodles that worked out pretty good. And then, just m&ms and different sprinkles for the faces. Bunny Fun!


Bettina said…
These bunnies are just too cute! Good job!
Megster said…
Love your blog,

so you were featured on my blog!