Couture Cupcakes, Washington, DC

Couture Cupcakes in Washington, DC is currently a custom cupcake company, with their flavors named after women. They plan to open a shop later this year. Here are some of their flavors:

Vanilla Cake with Marshmallow Filling, Decadent Chocolate Ganache with Graham Cracker Border

Vanilla Cake with a Rum Raisin Butter Cream Frosting (Does contain alcohol)

Vanilla Cake with Chunks of Strawberries and Strawberry Vanilla Swirl Butter Cream Frosting


Love the ice cream cone cupcakes!!!!
Anonymous said…
Any idea where they'll be opening up shop?
Anonymous said…
I would love to visit there when they open...that's in my neck of the woods. Nice cupcakes!
Priya said…
I love this blog.
These cupcakes look delicious, and I love baking.

I'm totally visiting!
Anonymous said…
Her is the correct website address for Couture Cupcakes, they are open nad ready for business.
VA said…
Any suggestions out there on how to keep the chocolate from sagging if it warms up to room temp in the summertime? I use just basic chocolate chips. (Is that wrong?)

I made some recently and they are great comment grabbers but you have to put them in near the last moment.
jothemama said…
Love the icecream cones, but are they good to eat... would that work?
Anonymous said…
Hi there,

The cones are great. The crunchiness of the cake cone combined with the frosting and cupcake inside is the perfect snack....sweet, crunchy and moist. is their website. I've ordered from them before. Hope they open soon!
zephyr said…
Would've been nice if they responded to my faxed order form and returned my calls.